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I’d fallen out of touch with Warner Bros., and that really affected our last two releases, which were total flops.We had a team of me, my management and a Loveway Records staff of two people. I’ll do cardio and strength training in the morning.When he was 16 he joined a band called Never Shout Never.He used to be in band called Eatmewehileimhot when he started his career.When they were official they started touring with a bunch of different kind of bands like Forever the Sickest Kids, The Cab, and etc.On 2010 Never Shout Never where heading to their first warped tour in summer.It takes more than just I feel like this next year is going to be really great for the band.

That’s when he started getting more of a passion for music and started writing songs and etc. He was always bullied when he was in middle school. On his arms he has a bunch of pretty designs, like Chinese and stuff. He has piercings on his bottom lip and on his left eye.

If I knew I’d get asked that every other day, I wouldn’t have gotten it. They’re not quite gone yet, but I’ve gone to three sessions and they’re fading.

It’s a process; hopefully in the next year, they’ll be gone.

He started recording his songs with Loveway Records.

On November 17, 2008 Christofer and his band became officially stylized as Never Shout Never.

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