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To a great many people, however, MS Windows networking starts with a domain controller that in some magical way is expected to solve all network operational ills.The Example Domain Illustration shows a typical MS Windows domain security network environment.There are many who approach MS Windows networking with incredible misconceptions.That's okay, because it gives the rest of us plenty of opportunity to be of assistance.A domain provides a unique network security identifier (SID).

These clients use the old Lan Man network logon facilities that are supported in Samba since approximately the Samba-1.9.15 series.Samba-3 implements group mapping between Windows NT groups and UNIX groups (this is really quite complicated to explain in a short space).This is discussed more fully in Group Mapping: MS Windows and UNIX.It is very much not okay to make mistakes that cause loss of productivity and impose an avoidable financial burden on an organization. This is a feature of the domain security protocols.The benefits of domain security are available to those sites that deploy a Samba PDC.

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