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Alas, this was a non-option, and, before I knew it, the first guy sat down in front of me.His name was Mark and he was Parisian, so we bonded over the fact that one of my best friends (Marina) had lived in Paris and it had rained a lot when I had visited.Do you remember the moment in The Bachelorette when the limo pulls up and all the guys come out one by one, ready to swoon the lucky broad?Well, this is all I could think about when the NY Minute dating participants started ascending the stairs one-by-one, ready to spend 5 blissful minutes getting to know each one of us.Now, this is where NY Minute Dating majorly fucks up by allowing everybody to see each other prior to the actual meeting process, which not only threatens to kill the mystery, but can also scare one into fleeing ship entirely.

Promptly five minutes later, a bell rang and Mark was gone.

On Thursday evening at 6PM, my co-worker and I did a quick outfit change and headed to Belgian Beer Café, a cute No Mad beer bar where the event was set to take place.

After registering and receiving our name tags we were encouraged to proceed to the bar and get a drink.

The hostess, a lovely young woman responsible for coordinating the event, informed us that we were in luck, as there happened to be more men than women there that night, further raising our stakes at finding love!

We were each handled a sheet of paper and a No 2 pencil and instructed to write down the names of all the men we were about to meet, then circle the ones that captured our interest.

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