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The first year of data marks the moment when accurate measurements began to be transmitted back to earth from scanning orbital satellites, up until the present day.Ocean swells (waves) are driven by low and high pressure atmospheric events (storm cells) which are themselves a result of thermal flux in global ocean currents.

Our relationship with reality can be seen as a series of entanglements with other organisms and processes - with other life stories.The black and white patterns have a binary, pixel-like quality that alludes to how information is processed and transmitted digitally.Two forms adapted from data relating to the physics involved in the formation of a breaking wave, and two moments edited from three-dimensional data of a cumulus cloud supercell forming and disintegrating over time, captured by meteorological balloon over the Congo Basin in Central Africa, have been cut into variations of the black and white blocks using robotic milling technology Paradoxically, the origins of marble are bound up with the ocean and the ecologies it supports.This digital data was cut into a solid block made of alternately black and white sections of marble using a robotic milling machine, then finished by hand The flat plane can be seen as a signifier of modern human consciousness - and particularly of contemporary digitality - in the sense that the human being is the only animal that imposes linear form on the material reality of the world.Increasingly we are surrounded by mediated objects and environments that are a direct result of the virtual processes that have been used to create them Eroded into its distinctive form by the action of millions of years of sun, wind and rain on the high veldt of South Africa, the found dolomitic boulder that this work is made from bears the exquisite traces of its formation.

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