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The conflict, originally a dispute between the university and the civic authorities, arose from the slaying of one of the students and the wounding of three others by the city guard.

The university, jealous of its autonomy, demanded satisfaction, which was refused.

Thomas wrote a treatise "Contra impugnantes religionem", an apology for the religious orders ( Touron, op. Louis IX and eleven papal Briefs were required before peace was firmly established, and St.

Thomas was admitted to the degree of Doctor in Theology. Thomas received the doctorate on the same day, and that there was a contest of humility between the two friends as to which should be promoted first. Thomas's life may be summed up in a few words: praying, preaching, teaching, writing, journeying.

After eighteen months or two years spent in prison, either because his mother saw that the hermit's prophecy would eventually be fulfilled or because his brothers feared the threats of Innocent IV and Frederick II, he was set at liberty, being lowered in a basket into the arms of the Dominicans, who were delighted to find that during his captivity "he had made as much progress as if he had been in a studium generale " (Calo, op. Thomas immediately pronounced his vows, and his superiors sent him to Rome.

Innocent IV examined closely into his motives in joining the Friars Preachers , dismissed him with a blessing, and forbade any further interference with his vocation.

The Dominicans, fearing she would take him away, sent him to Rome, his ultimate destination being Paris or Cologne.

The doctors closed their schools, solemnly swore that they would not reopen them until their demands were granted, and decreed that in future no one should be admitted to the degree of Doctor unless he would take an oath to follow the same line of conduct under similar circumstances.

The Dominicans and Franciscans, who had continued to teach in their schools, refused to take the prescribed oath, and from this there arose a bitter conflict which was at its height when St. Bonaventure were ready to be presented for their degrees.

His duties consisted principally in explaining the "Sentences" of Peter Lombard , and his commentaries on that text-book of theology furnished the materials and, in great part, the plan for his chief work, the "Summa theologica" .

In due time he was ordered to prepare himself to obtain the degree of Doctor in Theology from the University of Paris, but the conferring of the degree was postponed, owing to a dispute between the university and the friars.

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