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One of the newer micro parties, it commences its pitch to voters on its website by declaring "politics sucks" and saying the system of democracy has "lost its way".Flux The System proposes allowing the public to vote on legislation before the Parliament, using a smartphone application.The Animal Justice Party is opposed to live exports, believes greyhound racing should be abolished, and says zoos should only exist if they "function in the service of animals".It also wants horse-drawn carriage rides, horse jump racing and recreational hunting to be immediately banned and for the use of animals in circuses to be stopped.The party also proposes underground power for all of Perth, the abolition of the Family Court system and the cancellation of any mining state agreements deemed to be "holding WA back".

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On top of the usual suspects — Labor, the Liberals, Nationals and Greens — there are more than 50 One Nation candidates and dozens of independents.The party believes adoption should be exclusively offered to opposite-sex married couples, is "distressed" by the number of abortions in Australia each year and claims children raised in single-parent homes are more likely to end up committing crime.Family First also wants alcohol advertising banned, disputes the theory that carbon dioxide is causing the world's climate to change and supports a flat tax system.But it proposes making the change without a referendum, saying it would seek to get it done through a private member's bill in Parliament instead.Rick Mazza's election to the Upper House in 2013 gave the party its first WA parliamentarian — and after former Liberal Nigel Hallett's defection, it now has as many MPs in the state as the Greens.

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