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In particular, the alleged establishment by "Oleg" in 882 of the principality of Kiev should be treated with caution.

This indicates an increasing, although still limited, number of immigrants tempted no doubt by trading opportunities, but Franklin & Shepard point out that it provides little evidence of organised government Chirovsky discusses the development of two theories concerning the origin of Russia: the "Normanistic" theory, developed by 18th century historians of German descent who supported a literal reading of the Primary Chronicle and emphasised Norse rule over the Slavs who were unable to rule themselves), and the "anti-Normanistic" theory, which posits the rapid assimilation of small groups of Norse immigrants into the local Slav community and is based on a broad interpretation of the Primary Chronicle.

However, a further problem arose with the fragmentation of this patrimony into even smaller territories to provide property for junior male members of the family.

This fragmentation increased with the expansion of the different families.

As Kiev's central authority declined in the 13th century, the line of the princes of Suzdal-Rostov assumed the role of "superior ruler", the focus of their political power transferring to the city of Vladimir and, in the 15th century, to Moscow.

the Ipatevskiy Chronicle, consisting of its three components, the so-called "Primary Chronicle" up to 1117, a south Russian compilation made in 1200 at the Vydubetskiy Monastery near Kiev, and the Chronicle of Galicia and Volynia (1200-1292).

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