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And if somebody has shared their location with you, you can reciprocate: Tap on their icon to choose whether or not they can see where you are too.In order to remind yourself who can see you—and whom you can see—select Share location from the app menu. Here you can check who gets to see your location and vice versa, and you can revoke or add access as you'd like.

You can get instant directions to anyone you're tracking using your phone's built-in mapping app, and it's also handy for one-off events where everyone needs to meet up together on time.

With summer weather upon us, we're looking forward to ditching stuffy indoors gatherings for sunny rendezvous in parks and other outdoor locations.

But once you've spread out your picnic blanket, you need to tell your friends how to find you—and "I'm by that big tree" doesn't really help.

The only requirement is that the people you want to share with must have Google accounts and be able to use Google Maps.

The best place to start is in the Google Maps app for Android or i OS.

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