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More than anything, doe urine will reassure deer as they pass through an area that everything is all right.A relaxed deer is much easier to hunt than one on edge.

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Aggression in bucks is building and they are becoming more competitive.The smell of an intruder in their space, mixed with the sound of deep grunts and rattles, can draw them near in an effort to locate the interloper. Not until you are within two weeks of the peak of the rut do you want to use the higher-dollar doe estrous scents.As soon as you notice bucks beginning to chase tail-wagging does and your trail cams pick up increased activity, you want to drape the area around your best stand with estrous scent.Both types of hunter are missing the point and not getting the real benefits from attractant scents that can be had.“It’s important that a hunter use a scent that is believable to the deer,” says Mike Mattly, public relations manager of Code Blue scents and an avid Iowa deer hunter. Basic urine from a doe is good throughout the season, but mostly during the earliest weeks, before the rut when bucks are still in bachelor groups and not yet super competitive.

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