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Women seem to recognize this gender difference, often citing it to rationalize forgiveness and reconciliation.

But, apart from gender, cheating on one's partner is always a betrayal, and sets into motion a complex and sometimes subtle set of dynamics, both personally and interpersonally, that can tear apart even the strongest of bonds.

These feelings, whatever their roots, need to be openly acknowledged and constructively expressed. Cheating can often be understood as an indirect communication behavior, signaling chronic dissatisfaction, anger or frustration with the partner's behavior, attitude or quality of the relationship.

Are there fundamental differences between women's infidelities and men's? But sex for women has different psychological and biological significance than sex for men.And the constant craving for "narcissistic supplies"-- excessive admiration, love, sexual variety--keeps the severely narcissistic offender always searching for his or her next "fix." But, as with any addictive behavior, that next narcissistic fix is never enough. Clearly, such selfish and immature individuals are not good candidates for committed, monogamous relationship. Finally, what is the responsibility of the so-called "victims" in this excruciating scenario? Men (or women) who personify those shadowy aspects of ourselves we suppress, but secretly desire to vicariously express?The most difficult thing to do in psychotherapy and in life is to look at ourselves and consider our own complicity in contributing to our troubles. Which part of the personality played the more prominent role in making this momentous choice: the mature adult or naive, needy inner child? Self-blame is frequently the prime reason betrayed partners remain in such relationships. But we all have blind spots, complexes, especially when it comes to romantic love and choosing a partner.Of course, much of this depends on how committed to rescuing the relationship both parties really still are, how much history they have together, whether children are involved, and other variables. Is it true that having an affair can be symptomatic of pre-existing relationship problems? Lack of or poor communication, loss of intimacy, hurt feelings, festering resentment or embitterment frequently lead to acting out in the form of cheating behavior.One of the greatest obstacles to working through this sort of dicey situation is the hurt, anger and resentment felt by the betrayed partner. In this sense, an affair can be a wake up call to both parties that they have neglected to maintain the health and integrity of their relationship, and need to do so if the union is to be preserved and thrive.

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