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“We’re working much later than you would ever have predicted 20 years ago.

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“Whether it’s dating apps or 50 different toothpastes in the pharmacy, it can be very overwhelming.” Murphy’s mix of patriotism and naturalism can be traced to her parents.

People like my parents, who are in the military, or farmers and teachers.

I’m very passionate and hypervigilant about supporting our workers, blue-collar especially, because I think they’re so overlooked.” Murphy tries to live by her motto: Do something.

In the early ’90s, when Carolyn Murphy started modeling, there were two camps: the glamazons (Cindy, Christy, Linda, Naomi), with their minuscule hemlines, and the broody waifs (Kate, Amber, Shalom), all gangly limbs, slip dresses, and Adidas Gazelles. “I would show up, and my agency would say, ‘Can you put on a black dress and some heels?

Blond, blue-eyed, and most at home in Hanes T-shirts, vintage Levi’s, and cowboy boots, she didn't square neatly with either. ’ ” she recalls over an almond-milk cappuccino at a West Village café in N. ’ ” VIDEO: Model Alana Zimmer Shares Her Best Street Style Poses Today, in a white T-shirt and denim cutoffs, Murphy is still the picture of all-American style—only now the country’s idea of cool has come around to meet her.

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