Dating usmc dog tags

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This token needs to be something that is carried on a soldier’s person at all times, because the violence of combat can often leave remains difficult to identify, and it needs to be sturdy, because bodies may have to be moved a long ways under rough and adverse conditions before being attended to by mortuary personnel.

Under these conditions a paper tag is too fragile may too easily be rendered unreadable or separated from the body it identifies, hence the development and use of the oblong-shaped “dog tag” now worn by members of the armed forces.

He told us that when a soldier died in combat, the notch was used to hold his jaw open at his teeth.

The tags are issued in pairs because upon death of the wearer one tag needs to be retrieved from the body and sent to Mortuary Affairs along with intelligence about where the body is, and one must be left with the remains for identification purposes.

According to Mortuary Affairs: One of the more common myths involves the reason for the notch on the tag issued between 1941 and the early 1970’s.

Will Silence Noise and Eliminate Clanking Of Dog Tags. Silencers come in a circle but are made to be stretched over the oval size dog tags, so they fit securely.

Stretch carefully around the tag, working your way around the tag.

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