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If a girl asks her boyfriend what he did teh entire day, he will probably tell lots of things but if you will as a driver the same question, his answer will be same all the time that is ‘’drive’’.

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Kelly Livingstone, a trucker’s wife, could give you an idea.

“Sometimes, although you may feel it's unfair, we must bite our tongues.” Make the Most of Your Time Together “Let's face it, money is good in the trucking business,” says Hawks.

“And it takes a very understanding person to understand how that works.” For Livingstone, this understanding prompted a change in the dynamic of her relationship with her husband.

If you are a person who wants to feel the love always and wants to see the love always around you, then choosing truck driver can be a wrong choice.

But, if you still want to keep relation then you can stay in touch with them through phone calls if they are not in the area which is out of range. You can hardly have an ordinary conversation that people often have.

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