Consolidating 403b accounts

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Track your spending for a few months (use the “Spending Tracker” I built for my readers here).

Put together your Net Worth statement, (use my template here) and project how much income you can expect in retirement. If you need to learn more about personal finance, check here for some online classes.

Learn about social security claiming strategies, and build them into your retirement cash flow projection.

Spend the time with the numbers, or book some time with a professional Certified Financial Planner.

What I’m Doing: Having just sold our “primary” home, we generated a bit of cash and liquidity.

We’re intentionally going to carry the cash position as our 2 year reserve into retirement, and only invest any money which is in excess of the 2 year reserve.

If you’ve been thinking about buying long term care insurance, evalute it now and include it in your retirement spending plan.Have you entered, or are close to entering, “The Red Zone” of retirement?The 5 years prior to retirement are among the most important of your retirement planning.Start watching real estate listings to get a sense of the market.If you’re going to sell your home, start sprucing it up now to avoid the last minute rush of getting it ready for market.

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