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3-1-1 service is generally implemented at the local level, and in some cities, it is also used for various municipal calls.

Examples of calls intended for 3-1-1: is legally responsible for the centralized reception of citizen complaints, requests, suggestions and consultations to government agencies or municipalities.

3-1-1 is a special telephone number supported in many communities in Canada and the United States.

The number provides access to non-emergency municipal services.

The largest 3-1-1 operation in North America operates in Toronto, which was implemented in 2009. The first Canadian 3-1-1 service opened in Calgary, Alberta on .

Historically, the 311 code was used by some telephone companies for testing purposes.

This also supplanted the need to remember or find the number (312) 744-5000, which, until then, acted as a switching station for reaching various city departments and employees, as well as Chicago Police non-emergency (dialing this number today directs you to a 3-1-1 center operator from any area code).Since its launch, Chicago 3-1-1 has won numerous national awards, including the Innovations in American Government Award from the Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard University's John F. In addition to providing seamless delivery of city services to residents, the call center serves as a backup to the City's 911 call center.In Orange County, Florida, in 2004, while the 3-1-1 system was being piloted three hurricanes struck Central Florida.In order to curb this problem, which ties up precious resources, a committee proposes that Finland launch a new telephone number—116 115—for such calls. The UK government is implementing a plan that when complete will allow all local police departments in England and Wales to be contacted via the single number 101.The number, which costs 15 pence per call from both landlines and mobile phones, is intended for reporting of minor or non-emergency crime.

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