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Like It looks like the Horwitz--Bird draw (the only one) took place then. Kennedy taking the places of Jaenisch and Shumoff, who were "momentarily expected". There is the possibility that, given his organizing and playing duties, he had someone else do the ILN column during a busy period. Quite a few more diffs show up - so it appears that an effort to research/resolve is required.

Horwitz won his lot, so one might assume he picked first move (White in our parlance, but colors were also picked by lot). Zoom - I can go to Hathitrust for the same doc and zoom up on a touchscreen (with fingers). Comparing the early ILN and TB coverage, it looks almost the same. Normally I post the results in a form similar to this:

You've worked hard to build a restaurant to be proud of.

I can't read the print, even at the full magnification allowed (which max's out too soon imo).Now the question is, should Z-base actually adopt this dating?Actually, only five players were eliminated, because Anderssen vs Kieseritzky, 1851 was drawn, requiring a third game.Interoute's Enterprise Digital Platform is the infrastructure foundation for digital transformation.It's a global platform that supports both legacy IT and digital IT environments.

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