Biostratigraphic dating

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Aside from the teeth, one of the key predatory advantages that Gorgonops had over prey were that the legs supported the body from below rather than sprawling out to the sides like in most prey animals of the time.Aside from allowing for more energy efficient locomotion, the legs would have also allowed for a much faster pace.

It is distinguished from other species by a longer snout, and other details of the bones of the skull.

The time scale is depicted in its traditional form with oldest at the bottom and youngest at the top -- the present day is at the zero mark. This is a good starting point to get the basic principles.] Grotzinger, J.

Geologic time is finely subdivided through most of the Phanerozoic (see Harland et al., 1990 for details), but most of the finer subdivisions (e.g., epochs) are commonly referred to by non-specialists only in the Tertiary.

This form would have protected the enlarged canine teeth from accidental damage, and was similar in bone function to the flanges of bone of sabre-toothed cats in the Cenozoic.

Since the publication of the Sigogneau-Russell (1989), the dating of the Karoo Basin (Beaufort Group) has been revised.

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