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Add a whole lot of sex into that equation and you have a true gem on your hands.Though Emmy Award winning actress Viola Davis' character has a ton of sexy fun herself, it was her intern Connor's sexy excursion with a man named Pax that took the cake during season one.Though Jamie is married, which makes all of this very naughty, you might just find yourself empathizing with them.Jamie and Angela were knocking boots well before episode seven, but this romp in particular requires a cold shower post viewing.Sex on television has come a long way since the period when married couples weren’t even allowed to share the same bed.These days, cable networks can show some extremely sultry stuff.

Henry VIII had six wives, and an immeasurable number of sexual conquests.

Because Remy is out of focus, Jackie's pleasure alone makes the scene super steamy.

were super sexy, but her scene with her fireman was just beyond sizzling. He let his ex-wife Cookie go to jail for 17 years for a crime they committed together, and then he divorced her, and refused any contact with her while she was still in jail.

*wink wink* hands down has some of the best sex scenes on television right now.

It helps that the show's stars Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe are basically supermodels.

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