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He is so concerned about his fellow man, instead of pummeling a burglar, he wants to provide alms of seaweed for the thief who just tried to pillage his home.

The only time he doesn't romanticize a daily experience is when his oldest daughter is romantically involved with a young man.

The film's popularity is partly due to the casting of Kim Seung-ho in the role of the benevolent patriarch. Based on a contemporary news story, the film focuses on a traditional four-member family which has just moved into a two-story home.

Kim's star status trailed him from film to film as the type of father everyone could love. Starring Kim Seung-ho (Romance Papa), Joo Jeung-nyeo (Mother), Choi Eun-hee (Eum-jeon), Kim Jin-gyu (Jeon Woo-taek), Nam Kung-won (Eo-jin), Do Geum-bong (Gob-dan), Shin Sung-il (Ba-reun), Eom Aeng-ran (Ebbun). The husband Dong-shik teaches music to women factory workers, while his wife spends her days at home at the sewing machine, trying to earn enough money to cover the family bills.

Our papa has contempt for his future son-in-law's profession, meteorology.

Like other sciences, meteorology is based on predicting the probability of events, which means there is always a chance of events diverging on rare occasions from the trend, but the statistical anomaly doesn't necessarily disprove the theory.

The children excel in their roles too, including future star Ahn Sung-ki as the young son. However, in a city that is modernizing after the destruction of the Korean War, automobiles are making such carts obsolete, and he struggles to make ends meet.Still, in some ways such introductions are unnecessary since fashion signifies their ages. There is much to be said about fashion in South Korean films.Read the discussion of hanbok fashion fusions in the 1950's by Princeton University professor Steven Chung or watch the recent documentary on fashion designer Nora Noh for examples.Romance Papa is another object of study on how necessary sartorial choices can be to character development.Yet what follows as plot in Romance Papa is really a series of vignettes, aligning this film more with the episodic nature of modern-day TV serials than a medium demanding a status as a single unit.

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